A lifetime experience in Venice Carnival will not be complete without wearing the best carnival costumes that are especially dedicated to you. Aside from the delicious food and the beautiful music, the costume is an integral part of your ultimate Venice Carnival Experience. The lists below are the most recommended ateliers where you can find themed costumes and masks that are specially designed for the festival itself.

Antonia Sautter

This atelier is considered as one of the most sought-after boutiques for festival clothing and accessories. This is a highly recommended boutique if you are looking for a specific festival costume as well as accessories if you plan to attend a carnival ball and other similar activities. All her creations are carefully crafted and designed with fabrics suited for the occasion while being made locally in Venice.

Address: Calle Del Carro 1628

Phone:  +39 041 2413802

Atelier Pietro Longhi

Pietro Longhi’s place will remind you of a lot of memories as his boutique is inside a 19th-century villa. The famous atelier has a variety of collection of reproduced historical costumes from the past centuries. All the costumes are made with the finest Rubelli fabrics while you can also rent masks, jewellery, shoes, and hats for your carnival costume needs.

Address: Calle Del Scaleter 2608

Phone: +39 041 5208280

Nicolao Atelier

Although the boutique is famous for its massive collection of theatre costumes, Nicolao Atelier’s specialty is still creating top-notch carnival costumes which are built with high-quality fabrics and made by top craftsmen. All the costumes being made are arranged according to their historical eras as you can mix it with the best accessories. High-quality Venetian masks are also available and can be booked anytime.

Address: Cannaregio 2590

Phone:   +39 041 5207051

Atelier Flavia

This is a boutique that specializes in hand-sewn garments that are being made with precious fabrics such as silk. Atelier Flavia also specializes and features several types of accessories for your festival needs such as wigs, capes, shoes, and jewels. They also offer photo shoot services if you want to capture the best images as you participate in the carnival.

Address:  Corte Spechiera (Castello), 6010

Phone: +39 041 5287429

Atelier Tiepolo

Atelier Tiepolo’s boutique has a vast collection of historical costumes that is all crafted in silk and brocade and contains hand-made decorations. Accessories are also featured in their boutique including wigs, shoes, jewels, and masks.

Address: San Polo 2870/A

Phone: +39 041 524 2668