3-Tips for Painting While on the Go

Most artists dread the idea of having to custom paint by numbers kit outside their studios. This is because, in the studio, they have everything they need to make those beautiful and breathtaking portraits. Some also face the fear of losing their creative prowess or even fall behind in their artistic streak if they took a few days off.

They also face the hard decision on what to include in their travel bags as far as painting is concerned. However, as an artist, you should not be confined to work only in the studio. Take advantage of your vacations and paint something inspirational.

This article will give you some tips that you can consider while painting self-portraits on the go.

Things to do Before and During Your Trip

  • Make a List of Everything You’ll Need

As earlier mentioned, not taking the right supplies with you can be a significant setback for ‘your painting on the go’ spree. Make a list and remember that the supplies that you choose should vary depending on two things;

  • The choice of your artistic medium,
  • How relaxed you are while painting publicly.

Point to Consider

Unless you are traveling to a painting event, only carry the basics with you. Do not take your most expensive supplies as things tend to get lost during trips.

Some of the necessary supplies you should carry include; a notebook, a drawing sketchbook, a set of watercolors, a refillable watercolor brush, a rubber eraser, drawing pens, a sharpener, and a pouch for storing all your supplies.

  • Reach Out to Like-minded Painters

Through social media platforms, you can connect with the locals of the area you will be visiting. Having someone who works in the same niche as yourself can be so refreshing. Imagine going to a new place, and a local painter that you reached out to invites you to their studio?

Having someone conversant with the place you are visiting can be rewarding as they can show you where to get more supplies if you happen to run out.

  • Take Advantage of the Many Sources of Inspiration

Contrary to what many artists think, taking a vacation can serve as a way of bringing out your very best. Some scenes that you encounter during your trip can serve as great inspirations for your next piece of art. Keep your eyes open. Let your imagination go wild. Painting self-portraits of some of the new people you meet on your trip can also bring out the creativity in you.

Don’t limit yourself to just galleries and museums. Many things can inspire you, such as nature, history, clubs, food, fashion, music, and even architecture.


As an artist, don’t let the fear of not bringing out your creativity stop you from painting on the go on your next trip. Follow the above tips, and you will come up with your best inspirational painting just yet. Pack light, keep your eyes open for anything that motivates or inspires you, and above all, remember to have a contact person, preferably one that shares your passion.

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