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Places to Visit in Italy If You’re a Travel Blogger

If you are a Travel/Food/Fashion Blogger like Yasim from, you need to seek inspiration to write or display content to your followers, and the only way to do that is through traveling. There are numerous places in the world you could travel to that would wow your mind and give you exciting ideas that your followers will appreciate. Italy is one of those places that have endless scenic places to visit, beautiful landscapes, and interesting cultures to check out. For a travel blogger, Italy is a must visit and should be at the top of the list for travel destinations.

Italy has very many places to visit, but here are a few cities you could begin with:


It is rare for a traveler visiting Italy not to think of visiting Rome first. Rome is the most historical region in Italy. You probably know this through books or movie scenes set in the city. Any blogger will have many interesting things to share with his or her blog followers through inspiration from the scenic city of Rome. Sights such as the Pantheon, Colosseum, and the Roman Forum will give you amazing contents to share. Rome is also packed with interesting eateries and hotels.


Venice is another city that many people wish to visit before their time in Italy passes. It is home to the famous canals that intersect the city where many people love to ride the canoes to transverse the city. It is, however, crowded with many tourists, but you are a travel blogger, so it is probably a good idea to see what attracts many people to the city and share it. San Marco square and the island of Burano are some interesting places you could pass through while in Venice.


For a bit of interesting history, visit the city of Pompeii. It is a few minutes from Naples, the home of the famous Margherita pizza. Pompeii is an old city in Italy that was buried by the eruptions of Mount of Vesuvius, and it was frozen with time. It is an interesting place for travel bloggers who are enticed by historical sights.

Amalfi Coast

Have you ever seen towns built on cliffs along the seaside? If you haven’t, the Amalfi coast is one of those places in Italy besides Cinque Terre.  It is a very picturesque place with clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You can take very beautiful photos from the Amalfi coast to share in your blog.


Florence is not very popular among many tourists. They skip this town, especially when their time in Italy is limited. However, as a travel blogger, Florence should be the second if not the first city to visit in Italy. Florence boasts amazing and famous artworks such as sculptures and other structures. The architecture in the city is unique and provide scenes for some beautiful photos. The Duomo and the Cathedral are two famous places you could visit and climb the bell tower.

These cities in Italy will give you several ideas and beautiful photos to include in your next piece for your blog. Your readers and followers will definitely appreciate the output, and you will also get the chance to enjoy yourself too.

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