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Secrets of a Successful Travel Blogger

Contrary to what people think, becoming a travel blogger is hard. It is similar to building a business, and it often takes hard work, patience, time, and dedication. The good news is, being one is rewarding since you get to earn good pay while pursuing the passion of traveling. In this article, let us examine the key factors to becoming a successful travel blogger.

Starting the Right Way

Establishing your blog the right way is significant. There are many steps to starting one. You need to have a travel blog name, select a reliable web hosting company, and determine the theme of your blog.

Produce Practical Travel Content

Provide useful content for your readers. These content might include food recommendations in a particular place, a to-do list, travel advice, and accommodation recommendations. Remember that content is king, therefore, make sure you write informative articles. They should be well-researched, lengthy (at least about 1500 words), include some images, and are reader-friendly.

Choose a Niche

With many travel blogs published on the internet, reaching a wider audience is quite a challenge for bloggers. It is ideal to be limited and focused on the topic as possible than trying to be more general. Have a personal branding on your blog that will make you stand out from others by continuously making a consistent identity across all your platforms, marketing, and online channels.

Do Fascinating Stuff

In a bird’s eye view, this is easy. However, what “doing fascinating stuff” means is that you do something interesting, sensational, and even challenging. For example, taking part in a water fight during the Songkran festival in Bangkok or sky diving in Dubai. These activities are awesome and unique, and they have a higher chance of being shared to an even wider audience.

Stay Active in Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media plays an important role in your blogging career. When you have a new blog post, make sure that you share it across your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You must be social on social media as well.

You must be actively answering to comments and sharing other blogger’s content if it will entertain your followers. Also, try to research the best times to post on each social media platform by looking at “insights” or “analytics area”. Never forget to use a relevant hashtag.

Get Noticed

Aside from social media, here are some ways for your travel blog to get noticed:

  • Guest Posting – contact with other bloggers within your personal brand and toss them an idea. If they agree, create a captivating post while connecting your website. This will attract some of their readers to your blog. Guest posting will aid in your branding and credibility as an expert on travel.
  • Press Features – another exceptional way of getting an audience is to be featured by large publications on their magazines, websites, etc. You can actively submit your article to them. If they welcome and feature you, rest assured that you will gain a thousand new followers.
  • Attending Events – conferences or press trips can help with your PR and marketing. You’ve got to meet other bloggers and who knows, they might want to collaborate with you since they have seen your personality. These collaborations can extend your reach. Remember, the more connections you create, the less challenging it is to market your blog.

Collect Emails

Establish a mailing list as it can be more efficient in pulling traffic to your website than social media. Before creating one, you must have something that you can offer to your readers such as a product in exchange for their email address.

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